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Texas Probate Litigation

Unfortunately the death of a loved one is often followed by countless disputes over the estate, assets, last will and testament and a Texas probate litigation lawyer is needed.

In some cases individuals will submit a Will for probate that is not valid or that is in conflict with a different Will left by the decedent. Some situations involve fraudulent claims, but more often than not the will in question does not legally meet the requirements of Texas law to be considered valid. Often it is the case that the decedent was asked to sign a will at a time when they were not of capacity legally to understand that the will was being signed. Dementia, alzheimers disease and other illnesses can often leave one without the legal capacity to sign such a document and a disput arises.

In addition to contested wills and testaments, disputes can arise when there is no will as to who is legally an heir and entitled to assets from the estate. A lawyer familiar with the Texas probate code system is essential in such situations as it must be tried to a judge and jury. The litigation process is filled with pitfalls and an experienced ligation lawyer can help you navigate the legal system to achieve justice.

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